Shared Hosting And What You Need To Know Before Selecting A Provider

Shared hosting is an effective way to get your website online however it may not be for everybody. As the name reflects, it is shared with other sites who share the total benefits offered. This is similar to shared data usage on a cell phone. You are allowed so many options, lets say 10GB’s of space. This will be shared among all sites and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Another issue is that if another site has difficulties, it could affect your own page. These are all important factors that could have serious repercussions to your business and this article will offer the questions you need to ask before choosing a shared host provider.

The most important question you need to ask is how much storage space does your package offer. Obviously, the server is going to store most of the files associated with your site. This may shock you, but some shared packages that are free only offer 50MB’s of storage and limit the uploadable file sizes to 1/4 of a MB or 250 KB’s. When you are only given a small amount of space, your files will be extremely limited in size. Now, paid shared packages will offer at least 1 GB of space which increases your file sizes to about 50 MB’s which would be a better choice. Always ask how much space you get and how large files can be for uploading.

Data transfer is also important to your site and in most cases it is extremely limited to roughly 1 GB of data transfer per month for the low end packages, increasing with better packages being offered. If you are starting a business site, you are going to need at least 10 GB’s of data transfer or bandwidth per month. If you exceed the amount, your visitors will get the infamous bandwidth exceeded, please try again later parking page.

You need to ask whether the host provider uses Unix or Windows based systems. Now obviously Windows will leap out to many people as the way to go. This isn’t necessarily true as Unix is far more reliable in stability and under high loads. Windows has some great features; it has absolutely nothing to do with what is on powering your PC. Unix can accept pages made with Microsoft products and it will work on Windows systems as well. Windows based hosting systems are stuck with Windows. It is recommended that you research both and make an educated decision as to which you prefer and then ask the provider which one their system runs on.

This is where shared hosting can be an issue as you will be extremely limited where a control panel is concerned. Shared hosting involves most administrative rights being laced in the hands of the provider. This means you can build your site, but you will have few of the functions that are available to most with single hosting packages where full control is offered.

This article is entirely a starting point for you to discover the most important questions you should ask before purchasing a package. By making sure you cover the bases listed her, you can narrow down the providers to a specific yet small list where the finer details like back-ups and up-time can be addressed at that time.